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January 04, 2021

All my life I've been in fashion and I've run stores and built brands for physical and online stores. I love fashion and I travel the world to see what's hot and contemporary.

I love selling, love my customers and a customer who comes out of my store with a smile really makes my day. 

Since I was a little girl I've always loved fashion, clothing and jewelry designs and I've always loved dressing up in my unique style and to this very day I surround myself with items that make me feel good. I like to design my house with items that make me happy in my heart, like the clothes I wear and the accessories I choose.

I think everyone should be surrounded with items that make them who they are and make them feel good about themself every day, all day long.

In this store that grows every day, I give a platform to thousands of girls around the world to buy products that will give them their uniqueness and make them feel like the queens they really are.

Don't be shy about showing the world who you really are if you like light or heavy, pink or black, If you're a cat or dog person, you are all welcome here, because that's all the beauty of accessories- with a few little items you can change a whole look!

So come on, let's make you and this world more cool and beautiful!